Causes of Low Female Libido

March 21st, 2012

While men almost always have a high sex drive, the same thing cannot be said for women. While women enjoy sex just as much as men, there is a clear difference between men and women regarding sex drive. Many women suffer from a low female libido (sex drive) for a variety of reasons. If you suffer from a low female libido, perhaps one of these reasons is what is causing it:

Depression – Depression has been linked to a low sex drive in both men and women. Unfortunately, anti-depressants also contribute to the problem as they further decrease sex drive.

Fatigue – In today’s society, many women are forced to not only work, but take care of the home as well. This takes a lot out of a woman and can cause severe fatigue. Therefore, a woman may not be in the mood simply out of sheer exhaustion.

Sexual Pain – If a woman experiences pain or cannot achieve an orgasm her sex drive will decrease. The bad news is depending on what is causing her pain during sexual activity; there may be nothing she or her partner can do to alleviate the pain.

Surgery – If a woman recently has had a surgery in the breasts or vaginal area, chances are there is still some pain. This pain lowers female libido and will eventually get back to normal.

Relationship Issues – During a time of instability, a woman’s sex drive is drastically reduced. Relationship issues could include unresolved conflicts, fighting, lack of communication, and lack of trust.

History of Sexual Abuse – Women who have been sexually abused in the past have a low female libido for obvious reasons. Obviously, there is not much you can do here other then see that she receives therapy for her traumatic experience and that you as her partner support her.

Pregnancy – Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding experience wild hormonal changes on a constant basis. A woman’s sex drive may be incredibly high for three days then disappear for a week. There is not much you can do here, other then wait it out.

There are a few things you can do. If you believe the issue is discomfort during sexual intercourse or an inability to experience an orgasm, then you should consider buying a product called Provestra.

Provestra is a once a day daily supplement specially formulated to increase female libido and deliver satisfying sexual experiences. Provestra has been mentioned in national media outlets and has the support of numerous doctors and medical professionals.

Provestra is made up of all-natural ingredients, so there are no side effects. The only effects women can experience when taking Provestra include: increased sex drive, great sensation during sexual intercourse, more frequent and intense orgasms, and a better overall sexual experience.

Thousands of women have made the right decision to increase their libido by choosing Provestra. If you want to increase your sex drive or just want to experience better sexual intercourse, then Provestra is the right product for you.


There are a few good ways to increase the female libido whether naturally or using health supplements that increase the desire and emotion for sexual activity. Both ways have positive results but more people recommend natural ways as it lasts longer, it’s natural, it’s real and satisfying plus it has a positive influence on other fields of life. Natural ways to increase female libido require big changes to a person’s lifestyle. These changes will affect positively every psychological and physical area in the human body.

Helpful hints to increase female libido
Be happy and enjoy life, as depression is enemy of sex and boosting your happiness will increase interest in sex. Reduce stress and avoid stressful situations, try other ways and approaches to problems and worries. Two glasses of wine do increase female libido but excessive alcohol consumption can drastically reduce sexual desire.

One of the best pieces of advice to increase female libido is regular exercise!

By improving the image for the body, body line, losing weight and stamina improvements, it’s very easy to increase female libido. Regular exercises put the body in the right shape for doing all necessary activities from physical and psychological aspect by activating the hormones and release of endorphins. When you exercise regularly, you feel better, happier, calm and joyful, you feel capable of doing more things without experiencing pain and you feel self confident. All these improvements have significant positive effects in female libido.

Self confidence is a huge factor in female libido and it is most easily gained trough regular exercise, but it can also be increased by visiting a courses or training for self confidence increase.
Effective Exercises that increase female libido

Cardiovascular exercises significantly increase female libido and this is because this type of exercises improve blood flow in all areas of the body including the sexual organs, so any type of cardiovascular exercises has positive effect on the female libido. Cardiovascular exercises also reduce stress and as mentioned before stress is killing sexual life.

Kegel exercises are famous for increasing female libido and involve repeated squeezing the pelvic floor, the muscle that holds the urine. Kegel exercise creates flows of sexual energy and strengthens the vaginal muscles which help achieving stronger orgasms.

Yoga practice is a meditative type of exercise that focuses on improving energy flow and muscle stretching. Tantric yoga is a special kind that is known for the significant capability to increase female libido.

There are a few natural supplements that will help you in increasing your libido healthily and naturally. Two such health supplements are Vigorelle and Provestra. Women have been raving about these two supplements since they have come out, as they have helped women increase their sexual pleasure, energy levels, and they actually have an increased desire for sex… An awesome combination for any women looking to improve her sex life and relationship with her partner.

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Boosting the Female Sex Drive

February 1st, 2012

Problems related to sex bother men due to the common perception that they seem to be ones in control of sexual activity. This idea is exploited by companies that produce different sex drive or penis enhancers for the men. A low libido, less feeling of sexual desire, and feeling tired are all issues faced by women. Rapid loss of sexual interest and anorgasmia (lack of an orgasm) is something that women, especially those who are between the ages of 40 and 60 years of age often complain about. When this starts occurring, relationships begin a rocky path.

To prevent any serious problems between a man and women in an intimate relationship, many products have begun to be marketed to women. Though in limited quantities, libido-boosting supplements for women are readily available to buy today. Provestra is an example of one of the top products for women. This supplement was designed and patented to help boost a woman’s sex drive. It was designed by women for women.

Products that boost a woman’s libido exist for two reasons: 1. They are meant to improve their sex lives so that they can keep their significant other satisfied in the bedroom. These libido-boosting products like Provestra help enhance a women’s sexual appetite and eliminates some of the most common sexual issues. Generally speaking, females encounter social, physical, and emotional troubles that can affect their sex lives. Among the emotional and social problems that women face are their huge and exhausting responsibilities to their children and families. Wives often have to take responsibility for the household chores and caring after their children while their husbands are away at work. For the many wives who do work, they will experience the pressure of two huge responsibilities: Working away from home, and work to accomplish at home. When they come home from a long, hard day at work, the last thing on their mind is enjoying a night with their man. With the lack of energy or sex drive, instead of having a night of sex, they opt for an early night of sleep.

Libido boosting products also aim to help cheer up women who suffer from infertility issues, which may affect their relationship with their partners. After all, the doubts and pressures of conceiving can undermine the couple’s desire to continue to try and thus create a lot of tension between couples. Infertility problems can also be influenced by low sexual appetite, which in turn, is due to women’s past traumatic experiences that usually cause their body’s sexual responses to shut down.

Other than emotional and social challenges, physical issues also result in low libido. Women who are sick have less sexual desires than healthy women because their bodies’ natural responses are weak. These weak natural responses are often seen to lead to vaginal dryness, which is another problem that women face. Vaginal dryness, which cuts short the interest of sex among women, is also caused by lack of hormonal changes and unusually low testosterone. If the body’s hormones are normal, women are able to lubricate on their own during sex. Weak natural responses may also result in weak orgasms or no orgasm at all. In spite of the fact that women have more orgasms than men do, women are more prone to lose these sexual responses quicker.

Due to these sex problems, natural herbs were discovered by researchers as a key ingredient to improve a woman’s sex life and her reproductive system. Libido boosting products like Provestra, are manufactured by medical professionals to assist women increase their libido and revive their interest and energy in sexual activity. Provestra contains all the necessary natural ingredients that enhance women’s sexual appetites with ingredients such as: Raspberry leaf extract, Licorice root, Damiana leaf, Valerian root, Ginger root, and black Cohosh root. The Rasberry leaf extract is a female tonic and pregnancy herb that enhances the capability of fertility. The Licorice root strengthens a women’s adrenal glands as well as her hormonal functions, while the Damina leaf is a well-known aphrodisiac among ancient generations. The Valerian root, Ginger root, and Black cohosh root are also contents of libido boosting products and functions as a tension/stress reliever, sexual stimulant, and hormonal balancers. Women who take libido enhancers have said that they felt they have undergone several significant changes in their systems including less menstrual cramps, better sleep, firmer vaginal contractions, and a larger breast size.

Provestra and other libido enhancing products have been studied and found to be totally harmless; which means that women won’t have to worry about side effects and other harmful results they experience when taking such supplements. In fact, these products do not require a prescription from a medical professional. Though there is no absolute guarantee that women will automatically be able to conceive after taking libido enhancement products, at least these sexual urge boosters help in improving women’s sexual performance and stamina which are necessary for a great sex life.

There are some rare instances where some sexual issues cannot be fixed with a supplement – and those are instances where a medical professional should take a look at the situation. With women, however, these problems can be put to rest quite quickly with the aid of a libido enhancement product. Based on what is stated by the makers of Provestra, women need to take back their sexuality and explore its full potential. Only through this way can women be more empowered in their lives, can meet their needs and that of their partners, and be energized enough to overcome the difficulties that they face with regard to their own pleasure and performance in the bedroom. Ultimately a happy sex life is not only a desire – it’s a necessity!

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